Augusta's Prairie Fever SH

Sage( HR Augusta Prairie Sweep CDX, JH X Bumper (Hightimes Big Dog Daddy MNH***OS)
b. December 8, 2014
Scarlett represents the next generation at Augusta. Bred for athleticism and working ability, Scarlett is a "can-do" girl.

Moderately sized at 57 pounds and lightly coated, Scarlett loves to train and be with her family. She is a kind dog with a great work ethic.  

Like her mother Sage and grandmother Brecon, Scarlett likes to be the center of attention.

An accomplished pheasant hunter, Scarlett easily earned her Senior Hunter title in the summer of 2018.

Scarlett will be bred in the Fall of 2018.
Scarlett as a puppy

Summer of 2018