October 9, 2000 - November 16, 2016

A life incredibly well lived

Best In Show Champion Augusta's WingSong UD, MH, WCX, VCX, DDHF

A once in a life time, dream come true dog, Brecon is shown winning Best in Show at The Burlington Kennel Club from the open bitch class. February 16, 2003. 

At this point Brecon has already earned two Master Hunter passes and well on her way making history as the only dog to have won a Best In Show and earning a Master Hunter title. In September 2007 she qualified and participated at the AKC  Master National Hunt Test.

A fairly tale story, Brecon was conceived by a frozen semen from Malagold For the Good Times Am/Can CDX (Chuck). Chuck was my first Golden and born in 1985. Brecon's dam is Kyrie Dauninge of Augusta UD, MH, TD, VCX. Grace was an incredible "do it all dog" who was born in 1994. Brecon was whelped on October 9, 2000 and one of only two puppies. 

Brecon would go on to make breed history by earning both a Best in Show and Master Hunter title but she remained forever my companion. Brecon was a truly exceptional hunting dog and an excellent mother.

No one had more zest and enthusiasm for life. Everyone was her friend and everything she did she did with zeal and gusto. She was bigger than life itself.

My life was so much richer because of her and so much emptier with her passing.